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Posted on December 31, 2019


2019 has been a fantastic year for the GSFWC. Between our members and alumni, we’ve released seven novels, an internationally-acclaimed novella, several short stories, and won the British Fantasy Award for Best Non-Fiction. Here are some of the award-eligible stories and other works from GSFWC members and alumni out in 2019.

Cameron Johnston closed out his Age of Tyranny duology with new novel God of Broken Things (Angry Robot) in a year that saw him shortlisted for two British Fantasy Awards.

Neil Williamson released two brand new genre tales: ‘The Long Game’, which appeared in anthropomorphic spy anthology The Jackal Who Came In From The Cold (Fox Spirit), and ‘The Raveller’s Tale’, found in futuristic fairy-tale anthology Once Upon A Parsec (NewCon Press). You can also find his first football story, ‘The Last of the Die-Hards’, in Issue 14 of Nutmeg magazine.

Don Redwood also published his experimental new short story ‘Checksum’ in Mycelia #2, the magazine from the Glasgow-based Hedera Felix.

In audio, Beth Faulds expanded her podcast Speculative Spaces, including interviews at Dublin Worldcon, Fantasycon and Eastercon as part of this year’s coverage at www.speculativespaces.com.

Meanwhile, in non-fiction, Ruth EJ Booth continued her column for Shoreline of Infinity, Noise & Sparks, which won this year’s British Fantasy Award for Best Non-Fiction.

Amongst the alumni of the GSFWC, there have also been some wonderful new publications.

Amal El-Mohtar released her new collaborative novella with Max Gladstone, ‘This is How You Lose the Time War’ (Simon & Schuster). She also released her take on the Mabinogion’s story of Blodeuwedd, ‘Florilegia; or, Some Lies About Flowers’, in The Mythic Dream anthology (Saga Press).

Eliza Chan also had a great year, releasing two new darkly fantastic stories: ‘Joss Papers for Porcelain Ghosts’ was published in the Pareidolia anthology and reprinted in The Dark, and the satirical ‘Knowing Your Type’ appeared in Three Crows Issue 4. A reprint of ‘One More Song’ also appeared in Podcastle’s Artemis Rising 5.

William King also released two new books, A Dragon From The Desert and A Dragon In The Palace, the first two novels in the Dragonbond series.

Gary Gibson released his new novel Doomsday Game, the final installment of the Saga of the Pathfinders.

Richard Mosses released three novels: The Harrowed Garden, Crow of Thorns (also available in audiobook), and Gheist. His first novel, Enoch’s Vault, was also re-released.

If any of the rest of our members and alumni have new stories or other fantastic works they’d like us to share, please let us know!

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