Flotation Device – pandemic charity anthology

flotation 1000 wide coverThe Glasgow SF Writers’ Circle has created Flotation Device, an anthology of short stories to entertain those needing a little diversion and more importantly to raise funds to support charities helping those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Edited by EM Faulds, the book features contributions from Hal Duncan, Cameron Johnston, Neil Williamson, Ruth EJ Booth, Shona Kinsella, Ian Hunter, Brian M. Milton, Heather Valentine, Don Redwood, Elaine Gallagher, Stephen Cashmore, Stewart Horn, CJ Brian, Elsie WK Donald, Richard Mosses, EM Faulds, Christopher Napier, Jenni Coutts, TH Dray and Peter Morrison, and original cover art by Jenni Coutts.

All of the proceeds from the anthology will go to support:

You can buy the anthology here: flotationdevicebook.co.uk



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